Monday, March 23, 2015

NNAS Bronze Award - March 2015

NNAS Bronze navigator award
March 2015
Buckden, Yorkshire Dales

A great two days in the Yorkshire Dales, learning and consolidating the skills to plan and follow your own walks in the countryside. On the second day, we decided to head up high and complete a walk that was a little more challenging up onto Buckden Pike then across to the War Memorial and down to Starbotton. Good handrails for most of the way (walls and valleys) meant pretty straightforward navigation, but the views were amazing!

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  1. Great team work - even the boggy bit - so apart from the obvious thanks to Mark for his excellent tutelage it's also thanks to the rest of the team who each added something to make it all work well. Best regards from Graham (the not-plugged-in-accountant)