Friday, August 09, 2019

Howgill Fells

Howgill Fells Hike
8th August 2019

Highlights of the Howgill Fells, a fantastic range of open hills. Our TeamWalkers walking group completed a 16-km route to the tops of Great Dummacks (fantastic name for a Hill), Calders, The Calf, Fell Head and Yarlside, all of which are over 610m (2,000-ft) in height. The total height gain for today was just over 1,000m; no wonder my knees ache! Also detoured to see the prehistoric hill figure of the Black Horse of Bush Howe, or perhaps it's just some scree that looks a little like a camel?!

Wild Camping Expedition - Scotland

3-day Wild Camping Expedition
Bridge of Orchy, Scottish Highlands
August 2019

3-day Wild Camping expedition amongst the mountains, glens and lochs to the east of Bridge of Orchy, Scottish Highlands. Didn't see another person for 3 days. Fantastic to spend so long amongst the rivers and hills, travelling at a slow pace with time to take it all in.


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Wild Camping weekend

Wild Camping weekend
Lake District
July 2019

A weekend of wonderful weather, beautiful views and a fantastic sunset.

Wild Camping is a tolerated tradition in the Lake District, as long as it's done responsibly. All land in England and Wales is privately owned, so you theoretically require landowner's permission to camp. This can be a bit tricky when walking across mountains, as you may only decide on a suitable wild camping spot at the very last minute whilst on your walk. So, responsible wild campers adhere to a 'code of conduct': arrive late and leave early (I always leave before 9am); leave absolutely no trace; no fires; camp high amongst the mountains, away from paths and popular areas; protect water sources (go to the loo 50 metres from water); small group sizes; respect and protect the environment. Enjoy!