Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wild Camping
Moelwyns, Snowdonia
August Bank Holiday, 2014

Wild Camping in Snowdonia over Bank Holiday weekend, and hardly saw a soul. From Croesor, we headed up behind Cnicht and camped with spectacular views across to the Snowdon range.

Fantastic company with three blokes from northern England and two ladies from Dallas - great fun and some of the best wild camping weather I've had with a spectacular sunset and dawn. 


Wild Camping: In England and Wales, all land is privately owned and landowner permission is required to camp on private land. Wild camping is permitted on certain areas of common land on Dartmoor, and it is also permitted in Scotland as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. In reality, wild camping high amongst the mountains is a tolerated tradition as long as it is undertaken responsibly. So, obtain permission if possible; camp high amongst the mountains away from paths and popular areas; arrive late, leave early; leave no trace; no fires; take ALL rubbish out with you; small group sizes; respect and protect the environment.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

NNAS Straight to Silver Navigation Skills course
1 - 3 August 2014
Malham, Yorkshire Dales

3-day NNAS Straight to Silver course at Malham last weekend. Mixed weather: heavy rain, mist, strong winds, sunshine and superb visibility! Over the three days we explored Malham Cove, Janet's Foss, Kirkby Fell, Parson's Pulpit, Great Close and Mastiles Lane, and learnt how to read the landscape, take and follow accurate bearings, plan walks, navigation strategy plus much more. 

3 great days of walking across the open hills above Malham, and five proud silver award holders! 

Next course? 7 - 9 November at Buckden, Yorkshire Dales