Friday, January 18, 2019

Yorkshire Dales 600s

After 9 years of walking up 42 summits, I've finally completed the Yorkshire Dales 600s!

There are 42 mountains and fells in the Yorkshire Dales over 600 metres, with a relative height of 20 metres or more. 

Some of the summits are well-known and well-trodden, whilst others only see one or two pairs of boots each year.

The highest is Whernside (736m) and the lowest is Brownber Head (601m).

This photographic journey began in February 2010 and I finally completed the Yorkshire Dales 600s in January 2019, with a walk to the 'summit' of Brownber Head.

To view all 42 of the Yorkshire Dales 600s visit our BLOG 

Cheers, Mark Reid