Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Inn Way to the Yorkshire Dales

The Inn Way to the Yorkshire Dales
14th - 19th May 2018
6 days, 76 miles, 26 pubs

6 wonderful, sunny, dry days walking through the Yorkshire Dales.

Start / Finish: Grassington, Wharfedale

Overnight Stops: Buckden, Askrigg, Reeth, West Burton and Kettlewell

Dales visited: Wharfedale, LIittondale, Langstrothdale, Cragdale, Raydale, Wensleydale, Swaledale, Apedale, Bishopdale, Walden and Coverdale.


DAY ONE: Grassington to Buckden

DAY TWO: Buckden to Askrigg

DAY THREE: Askrigg to Reeth

DAY FOUR: Reeth to West Burton

DAY FIVE: West Burton to Kettlewell

DAY SIX: Kettlewell to Grassington