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Million stride man Walks On

 Release courtesy of Welcome to Yorkshire

After a decade in which he has walked halfway around the world, one of Yorkshire’s most famous outdoor enthusiasts, Mark Reid, was contemplating a future rooted to the spot after his boot manufacturer stopped making his favourite footwear.

Reid, a modern day Alfred Wainwright, author of the successful Inn Way series of guidebooks and Welcome to Yorkshire Patron, has clocked up 24.5 million strides in the last 10 years but all that was about to come to an end.

His giant size 14 feet meant he couldn’t buy new boots in outdoor shops so when his last boot supplier stopped making his size in the style he has worn for several years his walking days suddenly looked limited.

That was until Yorkshire bootmaker Alt-Berg heard about Reid’s predicament and stepped in to save the day.

“My boots are the most important part of my walking gear as I’ll make over 22,000 strides on a 10-mile walk, so they have to be comfortable and able to withstand the rigours of the Yorkshire terrain.” explained Reid, who goes through a pair of walking boots every 18 months.

“Every year I take hundreds of people out walking in the Yorkshire Dales or teaching them map skills, and I’m often asked about clothing and gear, so now I’ll be able to recommend a pair of boots from a Yorkshire manufacturer by pointing at my feet!” added Mark.

Alt-Berg is Britain’s last remaining boot manufacturer and coincidentally are based in Richmond on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales close to where Reid spends much of his working life.

Luckily for Reid they make boots in five widths and can cater for giant striders like him with shoe sizes that stretch to 14.

Reid’s faithful dog Elvis [pictured] is the first to appreciate his owners new boots, it means he doesn’t miss his daily walkies.

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