Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Northern Echo, Esk Dale walk

NORTHERN ECHO - walk of the week

Published 18/03/10

Egton Bridge, Hall Grange Farm, Delves, Arncliff Wood, Beggar's Gridge, Glaisdale, Rake Farm, River Esk, Underpark Farm and Lealhom.

5 miles / 2.5 hours (linear walk - catch the train back to Egton Bridge)

Photos of the walk (in order)

  1.  Egton Bridge
  2. Delves cottage
  3. Arncliffe Wood
  4. Beggar's Bridge
  5. Old Mill, Glaisdale
  6. Rake Farm, Esk Dale
  7. Lealhom
Photos copyright Mark Reid 2010

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