Sunday, February 21, 2010

Northern Echo, Roseberry Topping walk

NORTHERN ECHO - walk of the week
Published 25/02/10

Guisborough Forest & Walkway, Bousdale Forest, Hanging Stone, Newton Moor, Roseberry Topping and Bousdale Farm.

6 miles / 3 hours

Photos of the walk (in order)
  1. Guisborough Forest visitor centre
  2. Old railway line
  3. Bousdale Forest
  4. Climbing up to the Hanging Stone
  5. View from the Hanging Stone
  6. View of Roseberry Topping from Newton Moor
  7. Heading towards Roseberry Topping
  8. Roseberry Topping summit
  9. Heading down from Roseberry Topping
  10. Forest below Bosdale Farm
  11. Sunset
Photos copyright Mark Reid 2010

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