Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Glenridding, Grizedale, Dollywagon Pike, Helvellyn, Keppell Cove

Helvellyn Walk - 22 November 2008
11-mile walk that took me 6 hours, taking in Glenridding, Grizedale, Dollywagon Pike, Helvellyn, Lower Man, Raise, Keppel Cove zig-zags and Greenside. A beautiful clear day, but incredibly cold. In fact, it was so cold that when I stopped for a drink on the summit of Helvellyn my Sigg water bottle was completely frozen!

The views were incredible with Scotland and North Wales visible, and there was a slight dusting of snow on the tops.

Rounded off the walk with a pint at the Travellers Rest, Glenridding - a great walkers' pub.


  1. Hi..I thought you were too famous for this type of comment which is great if you are not. I dont want to treat you as tourist info but do greatly respect your info. we are too ladies about to embark on striding edge the sharp way and then enjoy pints and fire. can you help with were to rest our heads!

  2. HI Sara

    Many thanks for your comments.

    I stayed at Beech House, which was quite basic. My single room only just fitted me and my dog into it and it wasn't en suite. I was talking to some people in the Travellers Rest who were staying at Mosscrag B&B who said it was good.

    By the way, Striding Edge is a serious proposition in winter. There are easier (relatively speaking) ways up and down Helvellyn that are equally beautiful but without the risk of falling off! The eastern rim of the Helvellyn ridge is also notorious for overhanging snow cornices. Whichever way you go, it's a full day's walk. I hope you enjoy your walk.

    By the way, my latest book "Walking Weekends Lake District" is due to be published in April this year

    Mark Reid